Insightwood is a family owned and operated custom-woodwork company located in Lahore, Pakistan for many generations superior craftsmanship has been a tradition in our family. Today, Sohail Ahmed (3rd Generations carpenters) proudly offers some of the finest handcrafted woodwork. For several years Insightwood Carpentry has provided its services to a wide variety of Luxury Residences, Hotels & Restaurants, Stores and many more customers throughout Lahore, Pakistan

We provide our clients with years of experience with hardwoods, traditional plywood and the most exotic wood veneers, which set the standard for superior craftsmanship and exceptional finish. Our team is capable of matching any existing finish and exceeding our client’s expectations. 

Some of our operations include: design services, consultation, custom fabrication, installation and completion. Our experience and capabilities provide us with ability to work with home and business owners, architects and designers. We work with contractors during the process, developing drawings, creating and providing samples for our customer. Outstanding customer service is our goal at Robert Carpentry, We live by the rules that customer satisfaction is our primary and foremost goal.

Our attention to detail is shown in our day to day operations, from our finishes to our interaction with customers, at Robert Carpentry every customer is personally attended by one of the owners.“

We invite you to work together with us on your next project, you will experience the difference in quality, service, and professionalism. Please do not hesitate to contact us, a member of our family will gladly assist you with any questions you may have.


We provide our clients with years of experience of work with hardwoods, traditional plywood and the most exotic wood veneers which set the standard for a superior craftsmanship and an exceptional finish. Our finishing team is capable of matching any existing finish or creates the desirable client’s expectation. 



Our Team


As the owner of Insightwood team. I personally invest my efforts in each and every client, worker and facility . I always try to build long lasting relationship in huge part of what Insightwood team is all about. In my opinion, this is what makes insightwood standout from other Furniture and carpentry businesses.

Insightwood Owner Image
Sohail Ahmed | Owner Insightwood | MBA Marketing & Sales |

We take pride in what we do, and it shows in the hard work of the employees, consistent communication, and quality of services. Insightwood is envisioned to promote facility, reliability and trustworthiness between insightwood and customers. Insightwood team is the true definition of what a family owned and operated company should be about. I look forward to meeting new clients as much as I value our existing one.